Party Games for Kids

The Multi-Activity Party

We arrive at your house or venue with All the following activities & then select and perform the mix of activities that best suit your party of kids and the age profile of the group. If you wish, you can request a number of party activities for kids.

We bring all the music, a cool Music Player, Microphone and super Disco Lights to keep the party really upbeat and interactive!

Our party activities for kids include a mix of:

Dancing and Kids Mini Disco:

The kids will enjoy a 'Mini Disco' in their living room as we teach them the coolest Hip-Hop / Pop dance moves and fun disco games using their favourite Pop and Chart music hits…with super DISCO LIGHTS, an important addition to any party!

Limbo Competition:

One of our most popular and fun party games for kids, they have endless fun playing our 'How-Low-Can-You-Go' game!

Kids Party Games:

Pass the parcel, Disco Musical Bumps, Disco Musical Statues, Horse and Jockey, Do This-Do That, Balloon Races, Over the Head… to name but a few!

Makeup & Tattoos:

Glitter make up, Stick-on Jewels, Lip gloss and super Transfer Tattoos. All child-friendly and CE approved options for kids party activities.

Super Parachute Game:

For something a bit different when it comes to kids party games, a fun, team building unisex activity that involves the whole group in cooperative game playing. There are so many games to play….from Jaws to the Washing Machine and Cat and Mouse to Space Invaders! 

Cool Target Game:

There are lots of fun party activities for kids out there – but this game works particularly well with mixed groups. With cool foam darts the children compete in teams aiming for the bulls-eye to score the highest points!

Kids Singing:

The party entertainer brings a Music player with a microphone so the kids can sing along to their favourite current pop tunes!


The kids in each team choose their own 'Popstar' team name and must work together to answer pop trivia questions against the clock! One of the most fun party games for slightly older kids, see how they love to get their answer in before the clock runs out!

Art Make ‘n’ Do


The children personalise and take home their very own bookmarker, by choosing from a selection of multi-coloured stick-on foam shapes, characters & letters! One of our great party activities for kids who love to make-and-do!

Beaded Wristbands/Necklaces/Keyrings:

The girls and boys will love making their very own beaded wristbands, necklaces or keyrings. Kids party games have never been so much fun, with hundreds of beads to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

Crazy Bowling:

Childrens party games have come full circle with our cool bowling alley challenge where the kids go for Strike-Out, knocking all the bowling pins down!

Wacky Races:

Our newest addition to our kids party games, this has become a firm favourite for mixed parties as they relay race in teams with all kinds of wacky and fun props!

We can on request arrange for themed parties, so speak to us about the party theme you have in mind and we'll do our best to accommodate it! With over 13years experience in kids party entertainment let us take away the stress and hassle with our fun and inclusive kids parties!